By David Oates

An autobiographical account of one man’s life. The fascinating, spine tingling truth about the things we say (or don’t) as revealed through the fascinating phenomenon of Reverse Speech.

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It was 3am one morning in April 1987 and David Oates woke suddenly… it had come to him, the name for his most extraordinary discovery – “Reverse Speech’. A phenomena he has dedicated 30+ years of his life to.

In this 2-part book you’ll experience that journey through David’s eyes. Inside reveals the often unnerving and sometimes downright frightening trials he has encountered along the way.


Written in two parts, two decades apart, this book is a compelling read. It looks in great length at the research behind Reverse Speech, with almost forensic attention to accuracy and transparency – a standard many so called “proven” theories fall short of.

PART I: The Days of Discovery

The first part of the book features David questioning, analysing, researching, and validating his theory as realises he’s stumbled across something that could change everything we know about communication and the human psyche.

These early years follow David’s discovery, his struggle for credibility, and his rise to (almost) fame.

He shares his dalliance with the FBI, work with law enforcemen,t and his revelations about politicians (something which would later get him in all sorts of trouble!). Parts of his story will leave you clutching the edge of your seat as he recalls discovering his house peppered with bullet holes and, later, having to flee his burning home.

PART II: The Return to Glory

Written 20 years after the first part as David recalls in vivid detail the most recent years of his journey.

After having almost lost everything at the hands of those who’d rather Reverse Speech remained hidden, David’s life as he has it rebuilt it has not been an easy one.

In this second part you’ll discover the his latest findings and understandings of what he calls the duality of speech, more exposés of those in power and those we crown celebrity, not to mention how what he thought was the answer to his prayers; a partner to help him grow his practice and share his work with the world finally revealed himself as a snake oil salesman… but only after his reversal revealed “the bad voice is nearly dead.”

About the Author


David has an active career furthering the field of Reverse Speech as his full time occupation. He has developed new theories, as well as designed therapeutic and training techniques based on his research.

He has lectured around the world to crowds of thousands, and trained hundreds of students. In addition, has also instigated some of the first mainstream studies on Reverse Speech whilst sharing his results across numerous radio shows and television programs worldwide.


Discover a personal and revealing body of work that spans more than 30 years, revealing early research, findings, and theories on the subject of Reverse Speech. This story is not for the faint-hearted, are you ready to experience a real journey by suspending disbelief for a moment and let your mind be guided? 


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$69.95 + Shipping

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