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It's Only A Metaphor - By David Oates

Perhaps the most revealing of all David Oates’ books, It’s Only A Metaphor documents the 1987 discovery of what is now known as Reverse Speech. Inside reveals the often unnerving and sometimes downright frightening trials its author encountered along the way. Written in two parts, two decades apart, this book is a compelling read. It looks in great length at the research behind Reverse Speech, with almost forensic attention to accuracy and transparency - a standard many so called “proven” theories fall short of.

David Oates unveils his research in an entertaining and engaging fashion, demystifying an unfamiliar topic whilst sharing an autobiographical account of his life. As you follow his journey you will be privy to shocking revelations about governments, celebrities and high profile commerce. David reveals who sought to exploit him and his work for their own gain, those who blatantly stole and copied everything he’s created, and even those who attempted to silence him with threats to his very life.

It’s Only A Metaphor is a fascinating look at one man's life’s work - a discovery that will forever change how you think about language and the things you say - you never know who is listening.


Reverse Speech: Voices From The Unconscious – By David John Oates

The definitive work on Reverse Speech, published 1995 by David John Oates. This book is the textbook used for Reverse Speech training. Case studies, theories, examples. Paperback with cassette audio tape of famous examples.

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It's Only A Metaphor - By David Oates